Is There More to Perimeter Security than Video? – Part 2

It’s been nearly a year since we posted comparing sensor-based perimeter security to video-based outdoor intrusion detection systems. Has anything changed?

We get it – CCTV is an excellent tool, and it keeps getting better. Every year hundreds of firms plow millions of dollars into CCTV R & D, and millions more are investing in mobile platforms such as drones and artificial intelligence and its integration with security systems. Video is arguably the most visceral security tool available, exceeding even “eyes on” assessment since systems are capable of collecting and displaying information we cannot see (think thermal or IR imaging).

The industry has come a long way in the 37 years since Denning began selling CCTV and intrusion system components. We’ve sold over $100 million of surveillance CCTV over the past four decades, so we’ve definitely benefitted from the growth trend.

If your system has been designed and installed right and everything’s working properly, video addresses the most important security questions: what happened, and when did it happen? With improved internet connectivity you now may have the means to remotely intervene when a crime is taking place .

The security market is so video-centric, that many technicians and sales reps now know little or nothing about other aspects of security. Even the most basic security paradigm eludes some:


It’s no wonder there’s confusion. This basic model has been reordered, enhanced and otherwise manipulated with the addition of other verbs such as Deter, Deny, Assess, Communicate, and Intervene – all to to suit a particular application or product.

CCTV usually fits into any of these models, but it should not be the preordained solution for every security challenge. There’s no substitute for a risk assessment (RA) followed by a vulnerability assessment (VA). The RA outlines the threats, while a VA shows under what circumstances assets are at risk. The VA will also outline and perhaps quantify the potential impact. Once these steps have been taken a model of your choice may be used to further guide you.

If you’ve determined it’s people somewhere along an outside perimeter you’re looking for, consider the environment. Even the best lighted perimeters with low light/no light video technologies may be compromised if there’s blowing sand or snow, and/or fog. At a minimum you should be considering a layered “defense in depth” approach, with physical and electronic systems providing enhanced protection.

To repeat what we wrote last year: many of our clients once felt that video was their best line of outdoor perimeter defense. Video was chosen to tell them how something happened, and who did it. It takes one incident to tell them they needed a more careful analysis.

Meet Southwest Microwave’s Amy Leslie

We at Denning Electronics welcome Amy Leslie as our new Southwest Microwave Eastern Regional Sales Manager! We look forward to serving clients with outdoor perimeter security challenges.

Denning and Southwest Microwave teamed-up in 1983, making this our longest standing affiliation. We’ve surveyed hundreds of sites and provided systems for some of the most secure facilities in the world.

We look forward to continuing this tradition with Amy, as Southwest continues to introduce new sensors providing exceptional intrusion detection.

New Vigitron Primary Partners Siklu, Pro-Active, and Raytec

Siklu wireless, makers of ultra high performance wireless transmission solutions, Pro-Active, makers of high performance data storage and monitoring, and Raytec, makers of specialty security lighting are all now part of the Vigitron Primary Partnership program.

With the start of 2020 we are pleased to offer you project assistance. Please call for details.

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Vigitron and Infrastructure

Vigitron solves Ethernet networking problems. The big three are:

It’s too expensive to get Ethernet and power to SIP phones, cameras, intercoms, or access control readers.

It’s too far for Cat 5/6 Ethernet.

Edge devices aren’t reliably powering-up, or they fail when things like heaters kick-in.

There’s a whole compliment of tools to test edge devices and monitor networks.

In 2020 there will be a new line-up of switches and components aimed at the industrial market, Vigitron will be providing PoE Ethernet over untwisted conductors, and hardened smart switches with ring topology that ensure high reliability.

Do you have a project? contact the Vigitron design team for free assistance.

Thank you for Participating in Vingtor Stentofon IC-EDGE Training

There have been big changes with Vingtor Stentofon’s base “exchange” systems, formerly known as PULSE. The new IC-EDGE platform brings new performance, security, and integration options – even with IP stations purchased years ago. In keeping with Zenitel’s tradition of providing backward compatibility, there is a place for nearly all Zenitel IP stations with IC-EDGE.

On October 22, 2019, techs, project managers, and designers from Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin learned about this robust new platform, and became certified in SIP and IC-EDGE programming. If you’d like to learn more, attend training at one of the upcoming sessions!

Recap – ASIS International Chicago Global Security Exchange

ASIS International’s Global Security Exchange – GSX – was an extraordinary networking and training event as well as trade show.

It was a shear pleasure working with a great Host Committee as we greeted and answered questions from hundreds of attendees. Moreover, I learned a lot from the vendors and clients that shared what they are doing in this industry. Thanks to all of you for a great show!

Did you miss us? If so, we will probably be in your area soon, so please call to arrange a visit.

Ken Wippich – ASIS International Awards Committee; Past Chairman, Chicago Chapter 003; Past Region 2C Vice President

Vigitron for Security Networks

Vigitron is relentlessly driven to provide secure high performance security and communications networks.

The security market stands out, since edge devices may be in remote locations, far outside the range of standard Ethernet connections. By their nature, security and communication devices demand a secure connection in all weather and environmental extremes.

At sites with a lot of real estate it may not make sense to have closely spaced IDFs. First, the device density in a given area may be so low that you cannot justify an IDS. Second, it may be costly or hard to find a secure place for an environmentally controlled IDF. Imagine, for example, a parking lot with Emergency Call stations. These may be spaced as much as 50 or 100 yards apart, so many stations may approach or exceed the 100 meter copper Ethernet limit. A warehouse with cameras trained on long aisles has the same challenges, and tall elevators have unique challenges providing reliable CCTV and intercom connectivity. A Vigitron hardened device may be the answer.

Vigitron has network gear for big sites. Fiber is usually a great choice, though if you’re upgrading from analog to IP cameras or intercoms it may make better economic sense to reuse existing cables.

Vigitron is especially good at providing reliable power and connectivity for distant high current devices such as cameras, intercoms, and access controllers. Does it make sense for you to share some of your challenges with Denning or the Design Center, to see if Vigitron’s a fit for you?

Area of Rescue/Refuge Zenitel – Vingtor Stentofon

For years, Zenitel’s Vingtor-Stentofon division has provided area of rescue/area of refuge (AOR) systems for large integrated high rise buildings and parking garages.

While there are strict building codes for AOR systems, there are rarely audio performance requirements. Many systems are installed simply to comply, with little consideration whether or not a user can hear a conversation; be heard by the responder; or be understood on either end.

Concrete stairwells can be noisy echo chambers. If your AOR system can’t amplify above the background noise, cancel echos, and suppress background noise, it’s possible neither the caller nor responder will be able to converse.

Vingtor Stentofon’s AlphaCom configured for AOR is modular; scales to cover very large facilities; and is geared to integrate with other systems (access control, building automation, or video). AlphaCom provides HD audio with active noise cancellation; echo cancellation; and automatic volume control, so is ideal for for noisy parking garages and stairwells with concrete walls.

When used with robust IP66 and IK-10 rated Turbine stations that operate in temperature extremes, an AlphaCom will provide decades of outstanding audio performance. Is the system you have rated for vandalism or the extremes of temperature and humidity in your structure?

While AlphaCom may seem expensive when compared to small stand alone single purpose compliance-based systems, the cost of ownership over decades of use and added features such as special messaging makes it an exceptional value.

Vingtor Stentofon’s new IC-EDGE is a self-contained solution with an embedded intelligent communication controller. It offers unrivaled, out-of-the-box sound quality, interoperability, security and ease of use. It addresses mid-sized AOR applications.

This all-IP solution also provides HD audio with active noise cancellation; echo cancellation; and automatic volume control, and uses the same robust IP66 and IK-10 rated Turbine IP stations as AlphaCom. With SNMP monitoring, the system is supervised. Each station now may store custom messages that can be activated via scripting, thus providing a spoken message describing the location of a station. There is no dedicated server, and the first 32 IC-EDGE licenses are included. The cost for a small system is less than for AlphaCom, and is competitive when compared to low performance AOR systems.

If your building needs a long lasting AOR system that provides intelligible audio, please consider Vingtor Stentofon’s AlphaCom and IC-EDGE systems.