Back with Vigitron

After a year’s hiatus, Denning and Vigitron renewed our partnership on June 1.

Vigitron provides networking solutions for security applications. While wire/cable/connectors are not offered, we have nearly everything else you’ll need for a high security, high integrity wired or fiber-connected security network.

The security market stands out, since edge devices are often in remote locations, far outside the range of standard Ethernet connections. By their nature, these devices demand a secure connection in all weather and environmental extremes. Vigitron is especially good at providing reliable power and connectivity for distant high current devices such as cameras, intercoms, and access controllers.

You’ll hear more about Vigitron here in the next few weeks, as we get ramped back up to support you.

Area of Rescue/Refuge Zenitel – Vingtor Stentofon

For years, Zenitel’s Vingtor-Stentofon division has provided area of rescue/area of refuge (AOR) systems for large integrated high rise buildings and parking garages.

While there are strict building codes for AOR systems, there are rarely audio performance requirements. Many systems are installed simply to comply, with little consideration whether or not a user can hear a conversation; be heard by the responder; or be understood on either end.

Concrete stairwells can be noisy echo chambers. If your AOR system can’t amplify above the background noise, cancel echos, and suppress background noise, it’s possible neither the caller nor responder will be able to converse.

Stentofon’s AlphaCom configured for AOR is modular; scales to cover very large facilities; and is geared to integrate with other systems (access control, building automation, or video). AlphaCom provides HD audio with active noise cancellation; echo cancellation; and automatic volume control, so is ideal for for noisy parking garages and stairwells with concrete walls.

When used with robust IP66 and IK-10 rated Turbine stations that operate in temperature extremes, an AlphaCom will provide decades of outstanding audio performance. Is the system you have rated for vandalism or the extremes of temperature and humidity in your structure?

While AlphaCom may seem expensive when compared to small stand alone single purpose compliance-based systems, the cost of ownership over decades of use and added features such as special messaging makes it an exceptional value.

Stentofon’s new IC-EDGE is a self-contained solution with an embedded intelligent communication controller. It offers unrivaled, out-of-the-box sound quality, interoperability, security and ease of use. It addresses mid-sized AOR applications.

This all-IP solution also provides HD audio with active noise cancellation; echo cancellation; and automatic volume control, and uses the same robust IP66 and IK-10 rated Turbine IP stations as AlphaCom. With SNMP monitoring, the system is supervised. Each station now may store custom messages that can be activated via scripting, thus providing a spoken message describing the location of a station. There is no dedicated server, and the first 32 IC-EDGE licenses are included. The cost for a small system is less than for AlphaCom, and is competitive when compared to low performance AOR systems.

If your building needs a long lasting AOR system that provides intelligible audio, please consider Vingtor Stentofon’s AlphaCom and IC-EDGE systems.

Vingtor Stentofon IC-Edge

If you missed Stentofon’s at ISC West, can come to you. We’re scheduling visits in all parts of our region over the next few weeks, for the purpose of introducing IC-Edge and great opportunities for integrating intercoms with popular access and video platforms.

Southwest Microwave = Outdoor Protection

With over 45 years of experience and 70,000 installations worldwide, Southwest Microwave is the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance outdoor electronic perimeter security systems meeting the demands of security-sensitive applications and harsh exterior environments.

Southwest will be in the greater Chicago area again in late May. If you’d like to know if exceptional outdoor intrusion detection is an option for you, it may make sense to schedule a survey.

Southwest Microwave’s field-proven perimeter protection systems and security management tools provide accurate, immediate detection of perimeter disturbances across wide ranging sectors – government, military, utilities, corrections, industrial, transportation and VIP residential – areas that by their intrinsic nature dictate high performance and unyielding reliability.

Product excellence is only one component of the Southwest Microwave customer commitment. A pledge to provide world-class customer care is backed by extensive technical service capabilities, including system planning and design assistance, commissioning services, comprehensive training programs and responsive tech support. By delivering proven technologies and broad-reaching value added services, Southwest Microwave offers a solid foundation for long term perimeter security solutions.

DSI – Access Management at its Best

Did you miss DSI at the ISC West show? If so, we’re scheduling visits in all parts of our territory in the next three weeks, so please call to arrange a meeting.

DSI relentlessly focuses upon reliability, security, and throughput. This video taken at ISC West in 2018 shows throughput for DSI’s 831 series barrier optical turnstile:

DSI 831 at ISC West

This is throughput for the 880 series turnstiles:

DSI 880 at ISC West

Most barrier optical turnstile projects have a custom element. Do you need extra heavy duty service? Do you need to match the lobby decor? Are you working with a tight space? If you have a tailgating problem, it might make sense to have a conversation with us. No pressure, no cost.

This video shows how a turnstile can be expected to operate:

For more information or a site visit, please contact us:

Denning Electronics

or visit the updated DSI website:

DSI website

There’s More to Perimeter Security than Video

Many of our clients once felt that video was their best line of defense for outdoor perimeter security. Video was chosen to tell them how something happened, and who did it. It takes one incident to tell them they needed more.

After viewing thousands of blurry, obstructed, or otherwise disappointing camera snapshots and videos of security breeches, it’s clear to me that cameras don’t always work the way they’re supposed to.

Bright sun and darkness is still a problem, especially for high definition video systems. That magnified but blurry picture may hold some clues for a detective, but it usually takes a lot of analysis and luck to recover something that’s been stolen. Even if it’s recovered, it’s loss disrupts your operation and the returned property often isn’t in the same shape as when it left.

If you’d rather have barriers that deter or a system that helps you intervene before your property is lost for good, it might make sense to have an in-depth conversation about perimeter security. While it’s not for everyone, nor is video alone.

Stentofon Video Intercom Kit TV3KIT

Stentofon’s AlphaCom provides high definition audio for large scale projects with access control; elevator emergency call; parking lot emergency call; and area of rescue/refuge. With such large project successes, there’s been a perception that Stentofon is too complex for smaller applications.

Stentofon now has a high performance TV3KIT video intercom package that  is pre-programmed and will operate as a system once connected to a PoE switch. If it’s OK to operate Stentofon components using DHCP on your customer’s network or a switch you provide, it is ready to take calls, take a look at your visitors, and open locks and gates.

Meet Stentofon’s Regional Sales Lead Matt Scott

Vingtor Stentofon’s new Regional Sales Leader Matt Scott is a Detroit native and an industry veteran. He comes to the North Central Region after having worked both for manufacturers and as an independent representative.

Matt now resides in Wauwatosa, WI, and is working with Denning in Wisconsin and Illinois. Please contact us to help assess your critical communication needs.

Matt replaces longtime Vingtor Stentofon North Central Regional Sales Leader Tom Mossbarger, who retired on December 31, 2018. Tom was a tireless and committed resource for all his clients and coworkers.

Chief Care Officer Sheila Wippich

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Sheila Wippich, Chief Care Officer (CCO) at Denning Electronics Corporation, on September 30, 2018. She’s shown here piloting our boat Branch Office on a  sunset cruise.

CCO relates to Sheila’s role in the success and growth of Denning Electronics over the last 35 years. Though she did not become an employee until 2009, over the first three years she provided all family income and incredible emotional support as I struggled to find a toehold in a new profession.

Denning was founded by Sheila’s cousins Dennis and Inge Collins in 1982. I was the first employee, and became President in 1986 when Dennis and Inge formed a second company, NSSC. My position involved travel – mostly by car – in an area ranging from Eastern Pennsylvania to the Dakotas. Our first child was born on Christmas Day in 1985, and by the first week of January I was far away in Minnesota on sales calls. A week later we bought and moved into our first home, and two months after that she was back on the job at a downtown Chicago travel agency. Looking back, I’m humbled by her dedication and faith in me and the company.

Denning and NSSC were closely tied until 2009 when NSSC was sold and we became sole owners of Denning. Sheila asked if she was the right person to help guide Denning through this new phase, since she wasn’t sure I felt she could transition from homemaker to office manager. Admittedly I was hesitant, though my doubts quickly vanished.

Any Denning partner from that time on will tell you Sheila held our team together. Her social awareness, hard work, joy, love, and dedication made it a pleasure for us to come to work. As one longtime partner recently related to me, Sheila was the perfect complement to my nerdiness.

Services were managed by Moss Family Funeral Homes in Batavia, IL. Her obituary may be found here.

Sheila Wippich Obituary

If you’d like to read about Sheila’s journey as a Mantle Cell Lymphoma and stem cell transplant patient, please send an e-mail and I’ll provide the password for “Checking-in With Sheila, above.

Keniel Wippich


Denning Electronics Corporation