SALTO – Replace Mechanical Locks with Inspired Access

SALTO is synonymous with innovative access control solutions, including stand-alone, cloud-based, and mobile applications. Electronic locking products set new standards in security, manageability, flexibility and design that bring real world benefits to nearly any type of door.

SALTO is behind innovations such as the first stand-alone, battery-powered smart electronic lock; the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) data-on-card technology; and the first wireless access control system to combine a stand-alone locking device with online, real-time capabilities – all without infrastructure wiring or mechanical keys.

SALTO was the early leader in cloud-based access control technology and has become a major player in keys-as-a-service providers over traditional access control solutions, accelerating digital access transformation projects. The SALTO portfolio now includes world-class software management, cloud solutions, and mobile applications for businesses of all types and sizes.

Denning serves SALTO in Illinois and Wisconsin. Please contact Steve Vivacue and Ken Wippich for a product review, whether in-person or virtual.