The LILIN difference:





There’s no excuse for using cyber-vulnerable CCTV components. LILIN, the first manufacture to produce ONVIF compliant cameras, is now the leader in NDAA and TAA-compliant cameras and recorders. The highest security standards are followed, to ensure effective cyber-security for your CCTV systems.

Many LILIN cameras are sophisticated AI-driven tools that can read license plates, differentiate between (and count) pedestrians, bicycles, cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, container trucks, and vans in traffic lanes, determine direction of travel, and provide alerts to effectively manage traffic flows.

Moreover, LILIN provides long range zoom cameras with superior low light color performance.

LILIN has a wide selection of cameras, accessories, and recorders in stock. This means no long supply chain issues to shut-down your projects.

LILIN equipment is an excellent value, costing much less than comparable cameras.