SALTO – Smart Access Solutions Indoors and Out

Are conventional keys and locks safely securing property and people in your buildings?

SALTO access control solutions provide security reassurance for everyone on site while protecting assets and equipment.

Physical keys are easily lost or copied and expensive to replace. If it’s easy for bad actors to get in, your people and property are at risk. Smart access is safer, more secure and simpler to manage.

SALTO continues to release impressive technological innovations where connectivity between the door, user and system operations aids the growth of overall safety, security, and access control for any building application or access type. SALTO solutions work with any door including emergency exits, wooden and metal doors, elevators, parking garages, and applications where padlocks have been used even outdoors. SALTO hardware and technology platform can be added to doors with existing locks without additional modifications or wiring.

Modular design and future-proof engineering accommodate growth or regulatory changes to ensure continued compliance.

SALTO products are integrated with our access control solutions to combine style with reliable security and flexibility. Choose from an extensive range of finishes, door handles and locks options to customize for specific needs.

Integration of legacy credentials and compatibility with other systems through multi-application is possible.

SALTO access control integrates with the business technology ecosystem including management and security software (BMS) and other third-party systems. Also integrates with other security systems such as alarm and video.

Denning Electronics represents SALTO in Illinois and Wisconsin. Please call Steve Vivacue or Ken Wippich to review your access control needs.