Optical Turnstiles for Safety and Security

Optical turnstiles were invented in the 1980s when more of security was needed for beautiful and expansive building entrances. Prior to this during peak periods there were hundreds of employees, visitors, and service providers coming and going, making it difficult to determine who was entering the space.  Buildings needed for tenants and visitors:

A pleasant experience while providing safe, secure, smooth, and orderly flow of personnel into and out of the building.

A pathway for visitors and exceptions such as disabled or baggage-laden persons.

Secured and alarmed doors beyond the turnstiles, providing safe yet secure egress.

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Turnstiles became a force-multiplier for building concierges and security officers who in the past may have been intimidated by a hard-charging visitor. Maybe someone claimed they’d misplaced their security credential, or claimed they were late for a meeting in the building. Maybe it was an ex-employee trying to use an old credential to get back to his office, or an ex-spouse or boyfriend trying to ride someone’s coattails in. The closed barrier of an optical turnstile helps attendants address the situation in a professional and secure manner.

Since the COVID threat emerged many building managers needed orderly and effective temperature/health screening at all entry points. Since a turnstile’s role is to allow only those persons properly vetted to proceed, they became the best place to incorporate screening equipment .

In a safety environment turnstiles allow screeners to work remotely out of harm’s way. DSI turnstiles and anti-tailgating systems have for example been used with temperature screening equipment (For COVID-19), PPE (such as facemask and hard hat) detection, electrostatic discharge equipment, and more conventional security screening equipment such as metal and radioactive material detectors.

Are employees and visitors socially distanced as they use your turnstiles? Where turnstile lanes are closely spaced, DSI’s new sturdy acrylic Separation Shields may be the answer. These stable and rugged barriers are easily installed with turnstiles (regardless of brand), low walls, or countertops.

Denning Electronics focuses upon a few key market-leading manufacturers, and DSI has been a cornerstone of our firm since the 1990s. While DSI has systems suited for high volume high security facilities they also have gear suited for public buildings, banks, data centers, industrial sites, and sports venues where the new norm is to safety-screen all who enter. We’ve recently supplied equipment for corporate headquarters, food processers, manufacturing and distribution facilities, and government agencies.

DSI turnstiles are compatible with most card and biometric access control manufacturers and elevator destination dispatch systems. We are qualified and confident since we’ve been deployed in some of the most secure facilities in the world. We’re prepared to share our knowledge with you and your clients in confidence.

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