Supply Chain Security During a pandemic – Southwest Microwave

When COVID-19 hit the international supply chain was severely disrupted. Some material movement ground to a halt as product demand stalled and factories closed, while there was immense pressure to move essential commodities (Fast Moving Consumer Goods – FMCG) and healthcare products. We learned from some clients that as warehouses strained to reorganize inventory, material was left on trailers or on docks in containers where they were more vulnerable to theft. This article in Corporate Compliance Insights highlights some previously unseen supply chain issues.

Southwest sensors have been deployed to protect supply chain assets for decades. Clients include auto, truck, RV and golf cart manufacturers, tire manufacturers, pharma logistics facilities, durable goods facilities, and clothing distribution.

The key to a successful deployment for distribution operations is understanding what is at risk and when/where are goods most vulnerable. There is no substitute for starting with a physical security risk assessment (RA) followed by a vulnerability assessment (see January 15, 2020 post β€œIs There More to Perimeter Security . . .).

While most Southwest deployments are fixed, we provide excellent portable rapid deployment sensors for products that are moved about from week to week or month to month.

Does it make sense to have a conversation about protecting your company’s supply chain?