Vigitron and Infrastructure

Vigitron solves Ethernet networking problems. The big four are:

It’s too expensive to get Ethernet and power to SIP phones, cameras, intercoms, access control readers, or SIP phones.

Cable distance is too long for Cat 5/6 Ethernet.

Edge devices aren’t reliably powering-up or they fail when things like heaters kick-in.

There’s no convenient way to monitor all my security system components.

Vigitron has long provided a compliment of physical tools to test edge devices and monitor networks. 2020 marked the beginning of NetObserver, a software tool designed to provide real time network monitoring.

NetObserver is a next generation health monitoring Windows™ based software capable of receiving status messages from up to 240,000 ports using TCP, UCP, Syslog and SNMP communications. NetObserver recognizes network connected devices by means of Onvif, UPnP and also allows for manual entry. 

Why health monitoring? Large and small security systems with IP CCTV cameras, intercoms, and access control devices must be dependable. Unlike IP phones or other common devices powered by PoE, high power and high bandwidth PoE security devices often have different component states. Outdoor day/night cameras and LED lighting have power requirements that vary by day and by season, so a PoE switch with an inadequate power budget is prone to fail. NetObserver’s GUI with email notification traces the problem, making it easier to quickly respond.

Also new in 2020: switches and components aimed at the industrial market, PoE Ethernet over untwisted conductors, and hardened smart switches with ring topology ensuring high reliability.

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