Area of Rescue/Refuge Zenitel – Vingtor Stentofon

For years, Zenitel’s Vingtor-Stentofon division has provided area of rescue/area of refuge (AOR) systems for large integrated high rise buildings and parking garages.

While there are strict building codes for AOR systems, there are rarely audio performance requirements. Many systems are installed simply to comply, with little consideration whether or not a user can hear a conversation; be heard by the responder; or be understood on either end.

Concrete stairwells can be noisy echo chambers. If your AOR system can’t amplify above the background noise, cancel echos, and suppress background noise, it’s possible neither the caller nor responder will be able to converse.

Vingtor Stentofon’s AlphaCom configured for AOR is modular; scales to cover very large facilities; and is geared to integrate with other systems (access control, building automation, or video). AlphaCom provides HD audio with active noise cancellation; echo cancellation; and automatic volume control, so is ideal for for noisy parking garages and stairwells with concrete walls.

When used with robust IP66 and IK-10 rated Turbine stations that operate in temperature extremes, an AlphaCom will provide decades of outstanding audio performance. Is the system you have rated for vandalism or the extremes of temperature and humidity in your structure?

While AlphaCom may seem expensive when compared to small stand alone single purpose compliance-based systems, the cost of ownership over decades of use and added features such as special messaging makes it an exceptional value.

Vingtor Stentofon’s new IC-EDGE is a self-contained solution with an embedded intelligent communication controller. It offers unrivaled, out-of-the-box sound quality, interoperability, security and ease of use. It addresses mid-sized AOR applications.

This all-IP solution also provides HD audio with active noise cancellation; echo cancellation; and automatic volume control, and uses the same robust IP66 and IK-10 rated Turbine IP stations as AlphaCom. With SNMP monitoring, the system is supervised. Each station now may store custom messages that can be activated via scripting, thus providing a spoken message describing the location of a station. There is no dedicated server, and the first 32 IC-EDGE licenses are included. The cost for a small system is less than for AlphaCom, and is competitive when compared to low performance AOR systems.

If your building needs a long lasting AOR system that provides intelligible audio, please consider Vingtor Stentofon’s AlphaCom and IC-EDGE systems.