Vingtor Stentofon IC-Edge

If you missed Stentofon’s at ISC West, can come to you. We’re scheduling visits in all parts of our region over the next few weeks, for the purpose of introducing IC-Edge and great opportunities for integrating intercoms with popular access and video platforms.

IC-EDGE uses your existing IP Network infrastructure and utilizes open standards including SIP, HTTP and XML, making it simple to integrate and expand with third-party systems.

IC-EDGE is a self-contained solution with an embedded intelligent communication controller. It offers unrivaled, out-of-the-box sound quality, interoperability, security and ease of use.

IC-EDGE is available, free onboard, on all Zenitel Turbine series devices including those special-purpose stations suitable for any environment.

IC-Edge is a cost-saving technology. Intelligent at the core, easily install an IC-EDGE system using a web browser with no external software and no costly server infrastructure. System easily expands by simply adding a device.