Updated 9/11/20 Denning Electronics and COVID-19

Our manufacturers have been operating as essential industries, though many of their employees continue to work from home. We are prepared to connect you with these companies for timely information about your existing orders or new requirements.

Denning Electronics is committed to providing the exceptional products and services you have come to expect.  We have protocols in place to contain the spread of Coronavirus, COVID-19, and we’re engaging via email, phone, Zoom/other conference service. For critical projects we are making site visits following local protocols.

We track COVID-19 using this dashboard from The Lancet:


The University of Wisconsin Madison has tracked the economic impact of the Coronavirus, and reports it on this website:

These are some of Denning’s products that have a role in containing the spread of infectious disease:

Laboratory and other “clean room” doors (Tiger Door FRP Pharmaceutical Door Series).

Anti-tailgating and door interlock controllers (DSI).

Barrer optical turnstiles with non-contact card readers (DSI).

Perimeter security for laboratories (Southwest Microwave).

Communication infrastructure for portable screening and labs (Vigitron).

Thank you for your continued support!

DSI for Coronavirus Safety updated 9/10/20

A turnstile’s role is to allow only those persons properly vetted to proceed. In security applications turnstiles are a force multiplier for a security operation. In a safety environment they are a force multiplier for screeners, who may do their work remotely out of harm’s way. DSI turnstiles and anti-tailgating systems have for example been used with temperature screening equipment (For COVID-19), PPE (such as facemask and hard hat) detection, electrostatic discharge equipment, and more conventional security screening equipment such as metal and radioactive material detectors.

While DSI has systems suited for high volume high security facilities we have gear equally well suited for public buildings, banks, data centers, industrial sites and sports venues where the new norm will be to safety screen all who enter the property.

DSI relentlessly focuses upon reliability, security, and throughput. This video taken at ISC West in 2018 shows throughput for DSI’s 831 series barrier optical turnstile:

DSI 831 at ISC West

This is throughput for the 880 series turnstiles:

DSI 880 at ISC West

Most barrier optical turnstile projects have a custom element. Do you need extra heavy duty service? Do you need to match the lobby decor? Are you working with a tight space? If you have a tailgating problem, it might make sense to have a conversation with us. No pressure, no cost.

For more information or a site visit, please contact Denning or visit DSI’s web site.

DSI website

UPDATE 9/10/20: Sign up for Vigitron’s NetObserver Network Health Monitoring Software


Vigitron is offering two free instructional webinars for NetObserver. Sign-up instructions are on the Vigitron Web Site.

The “NetObserver Overview” Webinar will cover the importance of network
health monitoring and how to evaluate equipment performance. Topics Overview:
a. Who, What, Where, and Why of Network Problems
b. How to Evaluate Network Performance Prior to Installation
c. How to Quickly Locate and Solve Network Problems
d. How to Monitor Your Networks and Avoid System Down Time

This session is offered on Tue, Sep 22, 2020 9AM PST/12PM EST with a repeat on Tue, Sep 29, 2020 1PM PST/4PM EST

The “NetObserver FreeRun Training” Webinar will cover a special version of
NetObserver that does NOT require network connections or connected devices. Topics Overview:
a. Review of Vigitron’s Network Monitoring Systems
b. How to Evaluate Network Performance Prior to Installation
c. How to Adjust Connected Products for Maximum Performance
d. How to Monitor Your Network
e. How to Quickly Locate and Repair Problems in Your Network

This session is offered on Wed, Sep 23, 2020 1PM PST/4PM EST with a repeat on Wed, Sep 30, 2020 9 AM PST/12PM EST

NetObserver is a next generation health monitoring Windows™ based software capable of receiving status messages from up to 240,000 ports using TCP, UCP, Syslog and SNMP communications. NetObserver recognizes network connected devices by means of Onvif, UPnP and also allows for manual entry. 

Why health monitoring? Large and small security systems with IP CCTV cameras, intercoms, and access control devices must be dependable. Unlike IP phones or other common devices powered by PoE, high power and high bandwidth PoE security devices often have different component states. Outdoor day/night cameras and LED lighting have power requirements that vary by day and by season, so a PoE switch with an inadequate power budget is prone to fail. NetObserver’s GUI with email notification traces the problem, making it easier to quickly respond.

A built-in mapping feature accounting for both IP-enabled network and edge devices ensures manageability, while custom messaging pinpoints trouble.

The Application Programming Interface used to manage the database is Microsoft’s SQL Server Compact 4.0, which is automatically included in the NetObserver installer.

If you’re an integrator, contractor, or security dealer, we’re here to show you how NetObserver works, and guide you to a Vigitron product distributor.