DSI in Kentucky – for a More Secure Workplace

We will be in Kentucky the week of August 30, working with employers to find solutions for persistent access control system management issues.

DSI makes access control systems more effective, with equipment that helps nice people comply with – and maybe help enforce – access control rules at their workplace.

In a workplace with an electronic access control and locking system, it’s easy to hold a door open for co-worker/visitor/vendor. Maybe they claim to have lost or left their card at home.

Sometimes employees prop a door open to take a break or step out to their car.

Is this the right thing to do when your company or institution has valuable records, equipment, or inventory, or if there are (vulnerable) patients, students, or employees  inside?

DSI turnstiles and door alarms provide a  reminder that a door has been left open or someone has not badged-in or out properly.

Vingtor Stentofon Training in Chicago – BOOK NOW!

You’ve waited long enough. There has been a great response to the Stentofon training in Elmhurst, IL in August. PLEASE reserve your seat NOW if you’d like to attend.

There will be a Vingtor Stentofon training session conducted in the greater Chicago area on August 8, 2017. This session will certify you to work on Stentofon SIP, Pulse, and AlphaCom IP-based intercom and PA systems. For more details, please follow this link:

Vingtor Stentofon One Day Training in Chicago Area

ISS – Intelligent Security Systems

Do you need more from your video system? Does mere recording have you sifting through hundreds of hours of video to find an incident?

Maybe we should meet. No sales pitches or obligations; we might be able to help relieve some pain points and contribute to your success.

I know we’re all expected to do more in the same 24 hour day, so I’ll understand if this isn’t a priority. We’ve been here for 34 years, and can wait patiently until you have something come up.


ASIS International – Security Industry Resource

Are you committed to the security industry? Do you track emerging industry trends? Does industry peer review make sense? Learn more about the over 35,000 members of ASIS International:

ASIS On Line

Ken Wippich serves on the ASIS  International Awards Committee and is the Regional Vice President for Region 2C covering Northern and Central Illinois and Northern and Central Indiana. Follow this link for membership information.

ASIS Membership

It’s summer, and some Chapters are taking a break. Call or e-mail me if you are having a hard time reaching one of our hard working Chapter volunteers.