ISS – Intelligent Security Systems

Do you need more from your video system? Does mere recording have you sifting through hundreds of hours of video to find an incident?

Maybe we should meet. No sales pitches or obligations; we might be able to help relieve some pain points and contribute to your success.

I know we’re all expected to do more in the same 24 hour day, so I’ll understand if this isn’t a priority. We’ve been here for 34 years, and can wait patiently until you have something come up.

If you do have a pressing issue, the week of June 20 is a good time for us. We have an ISS Specialist in, and have time to listen.


ASIS International – Security Industry Resource

Are you committed to the security industry? Do you track emerging industry trends? Does industry peer review make sense? Learn more about the over 35,000 members of ASIS International:

ASIS On Line

Ken Wippich serves on the ASIS  International Awards Committee and is the Regional Vice President for Region 2C covering Northern and Central Illinois and Northern and Central Indiana. Follow this link for membership information.

ASIS Membership

It’s summer, and some Chapters are taking abreak. Call or e-mail me if you are having a hard time reaching a Chapter.